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About me

Fun-Loving Yoga Teacher

I lived in Latin America for over 7 years, during which time I met my husband, travelled extensively, connected with many wonderful people from all walks of life, experienced what it is like to live within different cultures and became fluent in Spanish. After much thought we decided to move to the UK in December 2013.

Michelle Yones Yoga Teacher Ramsbottom, Bury

So, you might be wondering how Yoga found me?

I remember my first yoga class as if it were yesterday and it will always remain deep in my heart. I was in a stunning mountain town called Monteverde in Costa Rica (the place that became my home for those 7 years), on my mat, in a precious studio - Rio Shanti overlooking a magical cloud forest, full of life and energy. I could hear nothing but the sounds of nature and the sense of peace I felt when I began to breathe and flow freely was incredible. From then on I started to practice yoga daily and many doors of opportunity began to open.

Soon after, I decided I wanted to do a yoga teacher training, not only to learn how to teach others but I wanted to delve deeper into my own practice. I completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course with a special group of friends in my local community and soon after I became a qualified Yoga teacher; or 'guide', as I prefer to call myself. Yoga has played a huge part in making me the person I am today. I have finally found something I love doing that not only strengthens my body but also nourishes my mind and spirit. Yoga gives me time out from constantly doing and when I step onto my mat I am continuously reminded it is okay to just BE. The training has given me the key to help support others, which has always felt like a strong calling in my life.

When I first started teaching here in the UK, over 6 years ago now I taught in a small studio in Tottington. I decided to close the studio due to such high rent prices and that is where my home yoga studio was born. Since October 2014 I have taught from home in Tottington and then when we moved to Ramsbottom my yoga studio moved with us too. However, in 2020 I had to make the hard decision to say good bye to my yoga studio because we had to move. I now teach my yoga classes online and I look forward to our exciting new ventures and my dream is to transport you all to where ever I might be in the world each time I teach.