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Next Workshop Sunday 15th December 2019
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Seasonal Yoga Workshops 2019

After the seasonal workshops in 2018 and people enjoying them so much I have decided to teach them again this year. There will be one in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each one will seek to celebrate the season we are in. We will practice yin yoga - slower practice where poses are passively held for longer, and yang yoga - an active practice working on the muscles and blood flow, building strength, stamina and flexibility. We will end each workshop with a lovely meditation or yoga nidra and final savasana. The aroma and application of essential oils will be used throughout the workshops to help us settle into each season.*

Seasonal Yoga Workshops 2019

Spring - 24th March

Summer - 30th June

Autumn - 22nd September

Winter - 15th December

Why Yoga and Essential Oils?

Yoga allows us the time to step out of our everyday lives and to go within. By adding the natural, harmonizing earth elements of plants to the practice of yoga, through the use and application of essential oils, our experiences are enhanced through the unique aromas and powerful healing energies each plant provides. In my workshops I will create a "scent memory" for each student - helping them connect to the breath and recall the moment of presence they experience on their mat. Aroma connects directly to our parasympathetic nervous system - the branch of the autonomic nervous system that controls the peripheral organs and the ability to remain calm and relaxed. Inhaling aromas reaches the emotional aspect of our subconscious quickly, which is why our sense of scent is such a powerful emotional healing tool. Think how aromas tap in to your memory bank - the smell of fresh-baked pie reminds you of picking apples with your beloved grandmother. With any yoga practice, we tap into the parasympathetic nervous system and the body's natural relaxation response.


Ramsbottom Yoga Spring Workshop

Spring Workshop

24th March 2019

To capture the rejuvenation of spring the theme of this workshop is 'Energy'. 

In spring, those aspects of us that have been dormant over the winter months begin to awaken. Just as nature enters a cycle of renewal, growth and expansion - so does the energy within us. 

We will start with a calming spring yin yoga sequence that seeks to rejuvenate and harmonise the liver and gallbladder energy meridians and access our creative power to help us centre, ground, and focus. After having accessed and fed our creative power centre, we will spread that vital energy throughout our bodies during a heating, detoxifying, and invigorating spring yoga flow - perfect for clearing away any lingering stuckness or heaviness. 

"A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it, it just blossoms" ~ Zen Shin

Ramsbottom Yoga Summer Workshop

Summer Workshop

30th June 2019

To celebrate the brightness of summer the theme of this workshop is 'Breathe'.

The summer season invites us to get out and about more, bringing more enthusiasm, warmth, extroversion, and much joy into our daily lives. For many we feel that summer time fills us with new life. However, we must also remember not to rely upon the season to bring us happiness. These workshops are about embracing each season we find ourselves in and learning how best to adapt to the seasonal changes.

We will start with a summer yin yoga practice to target the heart and small intestine meridians, which work closely together to govern the body's blood flow, and also the stomach and spleen meridians. We will cool and calm the body, mind, and emotions whilst creating a sense of inner nourishment and well-being. There after we will begin our dynamic summer yoga flow, however, we'll keep it slow, so we don't build up any excessive heat, especially if it is a warm day when we practice! This workshop seeks to cultivate a cool, quieting tempo while generating feelings of celebration, joy and connection. 

"The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be" ~ Shakti Gawain

Ramsbottom Yoga Autumn Workshop

Autumn Workshop

22nd September 2019

To celebrate the glow of Autumn the theme of this workshop is 'Release'. 

Autumn brings an array of colours, with the trees full of red, yellow and orange leaves, the crisp winds and golden light. Some people love autumn and yet others fear it because it is a step closer to winter. Just as we celebrate the spring and summer seasons we can learn to love autumn too, since it is also a season of much beauty. During these crucial months mother nature begins to prepare for her long winter's rest and signals for us to do the same. We all need to start slowing down a little and begin working with releasing and letting go of that which we no longer need.

We will start with an autumn yin yoga sequnce to target the lung and large intestine meridians which will support the release of built up emotions so we can feel the sorrows of life as gateways to appreciating its preciousness. As it turns a little colder and we opt for denser foods it is a good idea to stay as active as possible so stagnant energy doesn't begin to build up in our bodies. The autumn yoga flow will build mental clarity and focus, as well as physical grounding. This dynamic yoga sequence will build heat and a strong internal focus, and also challenge you on an emotional level, empowering you to face difficulties with strength and confidence. 

"Let the falling leaves of a tree remind you of how easy it can be to let go of dead weight. Choose to live with less and allow yourself to live with more " ~ Unknown

Ramsbottom Yoga Winter Workshop

Winter Workshop

15th December 2019

To celebrate the importance of slowing down as we move towards winter the theme for the workshop is 'Gratitude'.

For many of us December is a crazy month. We are running here, there and everywhere. Not only are our bodies running at 100mph but so are our minds. We feel we have got so much to do but not enough time. However, have you ever taken the time, even when you are really busy and feel you don't have the time, to stop and pamper yourself?

For most of us we don't realise that if we stop, rest, meditate, practice yoga and self care often enough we will actually have more energy. Yet time and time again we forget to slow down, especially at his time of year and then our bodies force us to stop through illness, burn out and exhaustion.

We will start with a grounding winter yin yoga sequence and with winter being the most yin part of the yearly cycle, we might find it easier to get still and quiet during this season. The practice will help to stimulate and strengthen the kidney and bladder meridians and encourage us to deeply rest and restore. Then the dynamic winter yoga flow sequence will seek to boost circulation and metabolism and help to maintain strength, especially in our core. So, although it's a good thing to allow our energy levels to be lower, we still need to take time to keep moving too. This workshop will help us to balance dynamic movement with restorative stillness. 

"If you only have one breath left, use it to say thank you" ~ Pam Brown

Venue and Prices



9 - 12 pm



* Limited space - max 10 people.

** Places are non-refundable, however if you find a replacement and let me know that is fine.

”The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.”
~ Jason Crandell

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Next Workshop Sunday 15th December 2019
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Workshop Reviews

I enjoyed the Yoga and Aromatherapy workshop so much. Michelle led us through a relaxing but educational session using aromatherapy oils and scents to enhance and guide the practice. I particularly enjoyed the aromatherapy head massage and relaxation breathwork. Thanks Michelle for a fabulous workshop, see you at the next one.
~ Cheralyn Bratley

Two words - Absolute Bliss!!! I attended Michelle's workshop with essential oils for the first time yesterday and I already can't wait for next month!! The oils she used complimented the session perfectly - my favourite was the peppermint!! It was the perfect mix of challenging moves and relaxation! Cannot wait for the next session!! 
~ Tammy Cowley

I really enjoyed the session and the pace throughout the different stages was good. I loved the different oils. The atmosphere you established was friendly and relaxed.
Thank you.
~ Lindsey Coupe

All 3 of us really enjoyed the practice. I personally loved the use of essential oils and enjoyed head stands which I haven't done since I was about 10! Will definitely book another workshop with you. Thank you for a perfect Sunday afternoon.
~ Sharon Edwards

Thank you so much for sharing everything with us yesterday. It was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation as well as the challenges out there before me. The additional essential oils experience, to guide us through the yoga flow, was an incredible experience for me but I have a passion for essential oils in any event. Nevertheless it was a beautiful touch.
As for me, maybe sometime soon a headstand but that aside the whole experience was that of quality time. It was a perfect mix of self indulgent "me time" and pushing the boundaries just a little bit. All in all what a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon and I am grateful for the experience. I felt totally relaxed when I got home but I could have done it all over again. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I'm sure your other ladies will echo my words.
I will certainly come to your workshops again. I loved all the oils from lemon and rosemary introduction through to the finale with lavender, but the one that hit the spot for me was your "focus" blend. Please let me know the blend of oils.
I liked the background music and your very clever pre-prepared voice over so you could walk amongst us to apply the all important essential oils. I loved the sensation of letting our heads fall free following the oil application.
What more can be said about Nidra? As my friend Sharon Edwards describes it, it's an adult bedtime story.
There was nothing missing from the session.
I will attend your workshops again and finally I give you five stars.
I've never known three hours go by so quickly.
~Caroline Cousin

I really enjoyed the yoga/essential oils workshop in February, my first one as I'm getting back to yoga. Michelle was really welcoming, the other ladies were lovely. The yoga was aimed at all levels as you could go as far as you wanted but there was no pressure to go out of your comfort zone. Oils were amazing.... Would definitely do it again! 
~ Michele Tynan

I attended February's yoga workshop with Michelle and the other lovely ladies there on the day. The class was very mixed ability and everyone tried all the postures with Michelle encouraging and explaining the postures throughout. The addition of essential oils to the yoga practice felt very therapeutic and relaxing. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to fully experience a yoga flow class with a true professional like Michelle.
~ Ruth Stevens

Really enjoyed this 3 hour yoga experience with the very attentive and calming Michelle applying various oils at key moments in the practice. Loved the combination of introductory relaxation, then flow yoga, some great guidance on inverted postures and yoga nidra to complete a fantastic afternoon. The room is large & carpeted with pretty views over countryside which makes a very relaxing setting. Will definitely be back for more and have already recommended this monthly workshop to several people. Thanks Michelle..you are an inspiration 😊 xx.
~ Jane Collier

You are a fantastic yoga teacher and I loved your workshop. Thank you very much for a challenging, enjoyable, supportive and relaxing Sunday afternoon. 
~ Jane Rhodes

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday afternoons yoga workshop.  The use of oils within the practice made it very special.  We had never met before but from the moment I arrived you made me feel welcome and completely at ease.  The whole workshop was inspiring and joyful. It was a pleasure to practice with such a lovely lady who is also a caring, knowledgeable teacher.  I can honestly say I wish I'd found out about your workshops earlier and I'm am looking forward to coming along to the next one in June.
~ Karen Walsh

Absolutely fabulous workshop. Came away feeling very relaxed and would definitely recommend. Michelle was very professional and made us all feel at ease. Thank you!.
~ Jenny Blake